ChopCow is a completely random website with completely random
stuff that I create on my computer based on what I happen to read,
think, or talk about over the course of the day.
In other words, it's a blog...

Now Biff! Just Because Your Raped My Wife...
Trinity Dodge This!
Facts About Cats
Everybody is a Genius - Einstein
Quality Is Not An Act - Aristotle
Women of Facebook - Please Post More...
Golden Rule of Making Money On Your Own
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Stephen King - Big Mac and Fries
90% Of All Self Help Books
Ten Common Fallacies You Should Know
Confusious Say!
I've Bought A Bat - Dr Seuss
Why Your Teenager Hates You
Pan Dulce
Thinking in Terms of Celsius
Cannibalistic Pumpkin Carving Tutorial

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