Why Your Teenage Child Hates You

Why Your Teenage Child Hates You!
Your child used to love you when they were younger.
You would sing along on road trips and they would shower you with hugs and kisses. Always saying they love you.
They HATE you now.
Did you fail as a parent?
Probably not.
Keep in mind that your child’s brain structure is actually changing!
Hormones like testosterone are currently altering the development of neurons in their brains.
These hormonal changes in the body occur in order to prepare their bodies for reproduction.
The resulting behavioral consequences?
Frustration and Anger.
Lack of empathy.
Poor decision making skills.
This will continue until the frontal cortex has completely matured.
So next time your child misses a curfew or acts out…keep this in mind before deciding on the proper disciplinary action.